Tenant’s Guide To Choosing The Right Place

Tenant’s Guide To Choosing The Right Place.

You’re planning on moving to a new furnished rental property in Bangkok, one that provides a more luxurious and relaxed atmosphere, giving you a better chance to truly enjoy a life in one of the most exciting cities in the world today. Many people prefer the idea of renting than buying, because it gives more flexibility and freedom to those who like to move around and experience life in different areas of the city. By following this guide, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect place. And who knows? You might enjoy living in your new area so much that you decide to put down some more permanent roots and buy your own space.

Decide where you want to be

You may already have your primary destination in mind and know the city well enough to decide which zone you want to relocate to and what you can expect when living. Depending on how far along you are in planning your next move, you may not know much more than that.

These decisions are key to choosing furnished rentals, especially those in a major city. Staying in one part of town can afford an entirely different experience (and a completely different price range) than staying in another. If you’re planning a move in the central business district, then you’ll probably want to look at places that are close to the office.

With that said, you might not want to get too close to key attractions or public transport such as the BTS or MRT stations. Landlords know which places people prefer to live. If their property is near a favorite spot, a landlord will hike up the prices, knowing that there will be plenty of interest among possible tenants. Steering further afield and being willing to drive, take a bike taxi or free tuk tuk shuttle to the BTS will get you lower prices when you’re choosing furnished rentals.

Give yourself a ballpark budget

Even when you are specifying how many bedrooms you want, furnished rentals can vary a lot by price range. Everything from square meterage and location to the included furniture and amenities can impact the price. As such, you probably aren’t going to hit your budget just right. You might go a bit over to get a place where you will be comfortable. Alternatively, you might be able to find a place that fits all of your needs and comes in a few thousand baht lower than you expected.

Still, it’s a good idea to figure out how much you are willing to spend on your rental. Of course, you’ll want to be realistic. Do a bit of research into what the average furnished rental costs in your target area. Jot down a few prices in low, medium, and high ranges and then compare them to what you would spend on a place thats further away from the office or BTS/MRT station. Weigh all of this information against your total price budget to determine how much you would be comfortable spending for your rental. Once you have a number in place, it will be much easier for you to cut certain properties out of the conversation and zero in on the perfect place.

Know how much space you need

How much time do you expect to spend in your rental property? Are you going to entertain guests there? Will you be preparing meals and eating there? Do you need to spend some time working from the location? Or do you intend to use the rental primarily as a spot to crash at the end of the day, after much exploring, visiting with friends, eating out, or painting the town red?

Your answers to these questions should help you decide what kind of rental space you need. If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time at the property, it might be worth investing in more space. Having the space to spread out and be comfortable, or to share with guests, helps make your trip more comfortable. If your rental is just going to be your spot to sleep and shower, though, then you can get away with a much more compact (and inexpensive) rental.

Make a list of amenities you need or want (and compare it against property listings)

Phone, internet, cable TV, laundry, air conditioning, swimming pool or gym access, parking, dishwasher, outdoor balcony or patio space, pet-friendly: none of these amenities are a given at any furnished rental. Knowing what amenities you need and what amenities you want can make choosing furnished rentals that much easier.  Therefore, make a list of the amenities that meet your needs before you begin your search.

Find a place as early as possible

Don’t start looking at the last minute, and indeed, don’t put off looking once you’ve found a property that attracts you. The longer you take to find a place and pay the holding deposit, the more likely it is that the properties you want are going to disappear. Booking sooner gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a good place to stay when your current lease ends. It also gives you more time to communicate with us, make arrangements for picking up keys, and talk over other specifics about the property.

Speak with us to get important details about the rental

Speak with us once you’ve booked your property, you will want to take some time to know the buildings rental rules, as some have different ways of managing security and allowing other residents to enjoy residing in the building without disturbance. Talking with us will allow you to get all of these details squared away ahead of time and help avoid confusion or surprises.

Choose a reputable website for booking your rental

Bangkok Residential is an excellent place to book your furnished rental. We have a large inventory of luxury properties to choose from in central Bangkok and we prominently display the location, features, and amenities of each listed property. You’ll know right away which places best suit your needs. We also have a customer care service to help tenants along the way, meaning you can search and book with confidence.